Freestyle With Remy Martin

[Big Pun]Yo yo yoWhat the fuck, Terror SquadAll we do is battle what; what, what whatYo it’s "The Dream Shatterer" strictly for cream team battlerRing rattlin microphone fiend spline splattererKing of the throne, bringin it home five nightsUp in The Source – five micsWhippin a Porsche – high pricePumpin the 9-7, rhyme heaven her voice […]

New York Giants

C’mon..Yeah yeah.. uhh, uh-huh..(Oh shit!) Hehehe.. (Ohhh shit!!) C’mon (yeah yeah) c’mon!!Uhh, yeah, this is the motherfuckin uncutLong time comin, ya heard?M.O.P. (c’mon, uhh) Big motherfuckin Punisher[Pun] What’cha gon’ do?Uhh.. Terror Squad (yeah)Bronx.. Brook-lawn collabo’[Pun] Yo, yo, yo..Ya heard me? [Big Punisher]This is for my twenty-five to life bidders, pork fried rice eatersNew York, New […]

John Blaze

Verse One: Nas My stripes show like regiments, military intelligenceMurder game, I leave no evidence — credentialsGo ask my pre-school, even talk to my old principalHe’d tell you how you I used to pack a No. 2 pencilStabbin students, grabbin teachers, Catholics, preachersIn the school staircase, cuttin class, passin my reeferIn my own class, operation […]

My Turn

[Big Punisher]Uhh.. psssh.. it’s my turn, y’knahmean?Get this motherfuckin money y’know?Shit..Yeah I went double, y’know?Niggaz goin triple.. five.. ten platinumCan’t do what I doThis is my game, this is me..(T. Squaders) Y’know? Chorus: Big Punisher Yo it’s my turn, I demand my respectGive me my burn, or get slammed in your neckcause it’s my turn, […]

Punish Me

[Big Punisher]I was the luckiest man on Earth, my wisdom was worthany purse but had a curse that hurt worse than givin birthMy first verse explains some of the game she was playinI’m blamin myself cause in my wealth was her pain would havenBehavin like a money hungry hooker, funny how the money took herfrom […]


[Tony Sunshine]Ooooooooooohhhhh.. Puerto Rico [Big Punisher]Toma Chorus: Tony Sunshine Pronto llegarael dia de mi suertete lo juro por mi gentete juro que un dia llegaraAnd we won’t stop We always knew we’d make itEven though you player hatedwe still made it to the top [Big Punisher]Puerto Rock Puro, not Menudo no I’m not the one […]

Carribean Connection

[Wyclef] Warning! [Big Pun]Yo, wanna rumble with Pun hah?*loud farting noise* Shit on the whole industryYo who puff more Owls than Pun? Pile on more styles than Pun?Who the only one with over a thousand guns?Runnin up in niggaz cribs like I paid the billMake you squeal the combination to the safe for wealthI lace […]


<That’s how the east side gets down, word up!> < 4:30 in the morning, mira you know what I mean, mira let’s get this money sorted and counted, word know what I mean, dame te culo mami give me my shit back, mira, hey yo Fat Joe and them is here now, word shine like […]