Interest Rates Have Nowhere to Go but Up

Even as prospects for the American economy brighten, consumers are about to face a new financial burden: a sustained period of rising interest rates. That, economists say, is the inevitable outcome of the nation’s ballooning debt and the renewed prospect of inflation as the economy recovers from the depths of the recent recession. The shift […]

Build Credit History With A Secured Visa

For individuals with no credit or those who have experienced a negative credit event like divorce or foreclosure, establishing credit history can be a real challenge. Without proper credit, everything from a car loan to an apartment or even a job can be denied. When faced with problem credit, many people rely on prepaid cards […]

The Best Credit Card Ever

The Best Credit Card Ever Don’t expect the lights to dim while the sound of soaring arias fills the air. We doubt that when it happens, your heart will skip a beat, your face will flush, or the air will fill with white doves. No, we’re not trying to keep your expectations in check for […]

How to Get the Amex Black Card

The American Express Centurion Card, more commonly known as the “Black Card,” has become the status symbol du jour for high-end cardholders. But how do you get your mitts on one? Here’s a roadmap. The high-end credit card has actually been around for about a decade, and shares more myths and legends than the entire […]

Credit Card Reform

NEW YORK (AP) — Your next credit card statement is going to contain an ugly truth: how much that card really costs to use. Now, thanks to a long-awaited law that goes into effect Monday, you’ll know that if you pay the minimum on a $3,000 balance with a 14 percent interest rate, it could […]

5 Moves to Make Ahead of the New Credit Card Law

With new regulations starting in less than a month, you may need to take stock of your credit card portfolio to determine which cards’ terms are changing to your benefit and which feature changes that can hit you in the wallet. The most important thing to do, says Lauren Bowne, staff attorney at San Francisco-based […]

Ignore Your Credit Card’s Minimum Payment

Ignore Your Credit Card’s Minimum PaymentDoes this article’s headline sound like heresy? Does it smack of the worst financial advice of all time? That’s exactly what credit card companies hope you think. Consumers have been conditioned to pay attention to one thing when they open their credit card bills: the minimum payment due. But that […]

Best Credit Card Offers in the UK

Best Credit Card Offers in the UK The following is a list of the best credit card offers from leading banks and financial institutions in the UK. Compare these UK credit cards side by side in order to determine which is the best credit card for you. Then apply online for your choice of credit […]