Baptise My Soul

You baptise my soulWant the world to knowYes you doYou baptise my soulGotta let it showTake me to the river and deliver meOooooh ooh I just wanna celebrate another day with youWe were meant to be together, don’t you know it’s true?From the very start, you captured my heartSometimes I wonder what I did before […]

Made For Lovin' You

Baby I’ve been waiting for some timeTo find a way to free your mind, yeahIt’s the simple things you do to meThat makes my heart forget to beat, yeah yeahBut I ain’t here to try to play your fool, no noI won’t every beg for youBut heaven blessed the day you findWhat you’ve been looking […]

Same Old Story

Yeah Turn around take a look at my lifeI’m a lot like you areTry to hide from yesterdayStill the pain never went awayCould it be, historyAll the time just repeatin’ on me?Thought that I could break the chainsThe tears and pain, but here I go again Over and overOn and onKeep on singing that same […]


[children playing] late in Septembermemories I can’t erasethe shiver through autumnthe memory of your face’cause I grew much olderI wonderwhatever I could have doneto fight all the magnets but I close my eyesand find truth in what I’m sayin’they thought it was all a liehow could they deny it when I was just alittle child […]

Love Is Alive

Love is aliveLove is alive, yeahLove is aliveLove is alive, yeah Yeah yeahWhoooooYah, yeah, yeah, yeah(Yeah) When I think that it’s time to get readyTo realise just what I have foundI have been only half of what I amIt’s all clear to me now My heart is on fireMy sould’s like a wheel that’s turningMy […]

Nothing At All

I suppose, for a man like youTo be the love of my lifeThat’s a lot to askBut somehow, I feel thr rightSo here I am, hey babe, with the tables turnedThe feear of getting burned, your hand’s been coldI want everything Or nothing at all, at allEvery, every, everythingNow what am I to do?You made […]

Black Roses

Whoa, hahYeahAha Tell you a story of a love I left behindIt was a broken fairy taleI gave up all my prideLet love insideBut tore me all apart when you played with my heart Let me paint a picture of a cold and rainy nightAs the candles fade to blackI played our favourite song‘Til the […]

How Come The World Won't Stop

hmmm Somebody told meyou were not coming homethe words are spinnin’ in timeand the air suddenly went cold The sun is still shiningbut everything feels like rain, ohand if I had one wishit would be to see you again Nothing’s fairwhen we loosewithout a moment to say goodbye How come the world won’t stop spinningnow […]