Boca Episode 9

Directed by: Andy Wolk
Written by: Jason Cahill and Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess

The grand jury hasn’t indicted anybody yet, but the tension in Essex County got thicker than homemade marinara. Junior decided to get away from it all for awhile and headed to Boca Raton with his ladylove, Roberta. Junior and Roberta have been together for sixteen years and she’s the one person to whom he can show his tender and to put it delicately – “giving” side. Even so, Junior warns her that if she ever told anyone about their sex life, the two of them will “go ten rounds.”

Meanwhile, Meadow knows a secret about one of her girlfriends. Their soccer coach had sex with the girl and Meadow finally told Tony and Carmela about it. Meadow wanted the coach to be sent away and Tony was more than willing to do it – permanently.

But before he could, the cops arrested the coach and Tony found himself actually relieved that, for once in his life, he didn’t have to hurt anybody.

As for Roberta and Junior, Tony learned that his uncle “developed a taste for her.” Now he and his uncle know each other’s deepest and most dangerous secret, and during a golf game they got annoyed with each other and started making not-so-veiled references. Junior became angry enough with Tony to think seriously about having him clipped.

And Roberta? Junior dumped her by shoving a lemon meringue pie in her face.

By the way, in Italian “boca” means “mouth” and it pays to know when to keep yours shut.

Posted in Season 1, Sopranos.


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