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Top Three Reasons Why You Are Not Able to Find and Lead your Vocation

You probably have that one thing deep down your heart that you had always wanted to do when you were growing up as a child. Maybe you do not know what happened somewhere along the way and you found yourself doing a job just so you can foot your basic needs. But then again, most people end up pursuing their inner feeling to ensure they get to fulfill their vocation. Always remember that having a vocation is a matter of working beyond making a living to foot your basic needs. The beauty of having a vocation is that you can still make some income out of it as you do that which you truly love. Here are some reasons why you are probably not able to find your vocation.

Chances are you haven’t had enough experience in life to find your vocation no matter how successful you are in your dream job currently. There is always some degree of life experience that will catapult you into finding that one thing that will make you discover and fulfill your vocation. In other words, when you want to be fully dedicated to your vocation, you need a whole new perspective to life which only comes with life experience.

You are probably not living your vocation because you have no mentor to guide you through the process. A mentor is someone who has been there, done that and has enough life experience that you can bank on to kick-start your vocation. So experienced are good mentors that they can even talk you out of a particular path based on how they know you and what skills you possess and exhibit. Of course, with a mentor’s experience, you can bank on their ideas which you can build on towards the inner fulfillment of your vocation. It needs no mentioning everyone needs a mentor in their life if they are to pursue their inner calling to a particular vocation.

It could also be you are not living a life towards your vocation because your expectations are way too high. Any mentor will tell you the first step to your success is to know how to get your high school transcript which you can use to get valuable networks. Following a particular vocation on a full-time basis is something that takes many years of groundwork, dedication and great networks. This way, you will be able to manage your expectations even as you work on how to get your high school transcript and ultimately you will understand that vocations are not automatic.

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