’30 Rock’ star’s wacky old commercial

Tina Fey’s TV-Commercial Past Unearthed

Before she was the one-woman writing/acting/producing powerhouse she is today, “30 Rock”‘s Tina Fey was an aspiring actress working with Chicago’s famed Second City improv troupe.

That must have been around the time she starred in a cheesy commercial for Mutual Savings Bank. (According to Gawker.tv, the commercial dates back to 1995.)

Dressed in thick tights, a vest, and a curious haircut, Fey is the epitome of ’90s fashion as she shills for the bank in a large empty loft-like space:

Since this commercial hit the TV airwaves, Fey has had a career trajectory most comedians can only dream of. She held the coveted role of head writer on “Saturday Night Live,” starred in a movie opposite Steve Carrell (“Date Night”), and stars in the show she created, “30 Rock.” Oh, and she has seven Emmy awards and one Golden Globe trophy to decorate her mantle, too.

Most celebrities might consider a long-forgotten commercial made just to pay the bills a huge embarrassment, but there’s evidence that Fey has used her commercial past as a source of material. On one episode of “30 Rock” in the show’s third season, it was revealed that Fey’s character, Liz Lemon, had tried acting in her past. Audiences were treated to a very ’90s-looking Lemon in a commercial for a dating hotline called “1-900-OKFACE,” which aired “in the Greater Chicagoland area”.

So, Fey’s probably not too upset that her old commercial is zipping around the Internet at warp speed this week: She’s already made a show about it.

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