Ideas As Opiates

Say what you wantSay what you will‘Cos I find you think what makes it easier And lies spread on liesWe don’t careBelief is our reliefWe don’t care

Rainbow Tour

Peron: People of EuropeI send you the rainbow of Argentina Che: Spain has fallen to the charms of EvitaShe can do what she likes it doesn’t matter much Advisor: She’s our lady of the new world with a golden touchShe filled a bullring 45,000 seater Che: But if you’re prettier than General FrancoThat’s not hard […]

Anywere In The Galaxy

Staring out the windowat places in the starlit horizonI’m waiting in the darknessfor arrivalbut the sands of my time are running low Lost and stranded far away from homePeeping through window in the darkness– parted our heartsglowing turning circles where we go– no, they won’t let go, let goblindour souls with raging burning madness Out […]

I Remember Yesterday (Reprise)

I remember yesterday… I remember that first night we metdancing to the sounds of clarinetsdancing cheek to cheek, oh how sweetyou and me and this fantasyoh I remember our first night I remember how we carried onon and on until the light of dawnfrom the very start, you stole my heartI knew right then we […]

Private Audition

I got an appointment to keep, for seven nights I couldn’t sleepI’m in a state of disbeliefIt’s my big chance on magic street I followed this fashion doll down the famous hall"Ginger won’t be long at all" She said "Take a numberYou’ll be called." I said "I’m gonna show him what I can do now […]

I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)

I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like meI don’t like the drugs, the drugs, the drugsNorm life baby, we’re white and oh so hetero and our sex is missionaryNorm life baby, we’re quitters and we’re sober, our confessions will beTelevised You and I’re underdosed and we’re ready to fallRaised to be stupidTaught to […]

Piss It All Away

Emotionless I slip in to the blackand there’s no turning back noweveryone around me smoking crackthis tunnel is blindinghallucinating I’m debating lifebut it’s still moving forwardif I could just change the hands of time well I’d do it better just walk awayjust walk away just walk away fearless I have fell in to a trapand […]

How U Luv That

Awww man, Man I sure believe this one here man, gon’ be so beautifulI know everyone out there gon’ hafta love this one, ya heard that? [Verse 1]Now, who the fuck cars for daysCrazy hoes and momos with the 20 inch blazePicture me and the missus driving ExpeditiousThe backstabbin’ friends blowin’ kissesChrome-struck bitches, wood grain […]

Parking Lot Pimpin'

[Jay-Z]Yeh, it’s that knock right hereYou fuck around not have the right speakers in your systemyour shit be soundin like this [*funny sounds*] Big thangs, thick chains, ain’t shit changedGet brain in the four-dot-six RangeShit mayn, switch lanesEvery town I hit you switch lames, bitch flip big ‘caine I givin ’em whiplash when I’m whippin […]


[CHORUS]What this world is comin to, to, toCan you see, see, see, seeWhat’s in store for you, for you, you, you, you, you, you, you [Verse 1]Yo, right before I lay your soul to sleepWitness the day of your wreckin and wit god on the streetBehold! What the fuck y’all niggas come around here forWe […]