Things You Might Be Saying Wrong

24 Things You Might Be Saying Wrong The Reader’s Digest Version of all those confusing words and seemingly random rules you missed in English class. You never mean: Could care less You always mean: Couldn’t care less Why: You want to say you care so little already that you couldn’t possibly care any less. When […]

Tough Times for Blockbuster

Considering the recession and fickle consumer tastes, these are awfully difficult days to be a retailer. For video chain Blockbuster, already no stranger to tough times, it just keeps getting harder. With the rise of competitors such as movie-mailer Netflix and Redbox, whose flick-dispensing machines can be found in grocery stores all over, Blockbuster is […]

‘Baywatch’ cast: Then and now

“Baywatch” star David Hasselhoff was honored at a Comedy Central Roast on Sunday, and the event was a veritable L.A. County Lifeguard Patrol reunion. Actresses Traci Bingham, Gena Lee Nolin, and Nicole Eggert were in attendance to support their former co-star – and to promote a new show. The three beach bunnies are set to […]

Jenna Elfman pregnant on TV — and in real life

NEW YORK – Jenna Elfman won’t just be acting when she plays a pregnant woman in a new CBS sitcom this fall. She’s expecting her second child in real life. The former “Dharma & Greg” star is featured in the new series “Accidentally on Purpose,” where she’s a movie critic who becomes pregnant following a […]

Adriana La Cerva

“Oh, yeah. Be one of those wives like Carmela Soprano…breast feed a bunch of rugrats, then spend the rest of your life at the gym, just you and your stretch marks.” The future Mrs. Christopher Moltisanti, Adriana La Cerva is a mobster’s dream girl: smart and engaging, with a physique good enough to star at […]

Richie Aprile

“What’s mine is not yours to give.” Brother of Jackie Aprile and uncle of Jackie Aprile, Jr. and Adriana La Cerva, Richie was completely in and of the world of the New Jersey mob. He was a ruthless and feared racketeer, although at first glance he might not have seemed especially imposing. In a profession […]

EPISODE 105 “English, Fitz or Percy”

Airdate: 2005-09-19 Asleep in his darkened cell, Lincoln jerks awake as the fluorescent lights snap on and the cell door slams open. Bellick storms into the cell with a crowd of C.O.s behind him. The C.O.s wrestle Lincoln off his cot as Bellick barks, “On your feet.” Lincoln struggles against the guards, demanding to know […]

College students protest coal use on campuses

COLUMBIA, Mo. – College students from Missouri to Oregon are urging their schools to stop using coal-based electricity in favor of cleaner energy sources ranging from wood chips to geothermal power. On Wednesday, students at the University of Missouri and other schools nationwide mounted a Sierra Club-led campaign targeting coal-based power at colleges, whether generated […]