‘The Munsters’ star to marry longtime fan

You know the saying “there’s someone for everyone”? Well, it’s true. Butch Patrick, 57, who played young Eddie Munster on “The Munsters” TV show in the ’60s, is getting married. And not to just anybody. He’ll tie the knot with his self-described “biggest fan,” with whom he used to correspond when they were kids.

News of the impending nuptials sent Web searches on the groom sky high. But not even the surge of interest in all things Butch Patrick (his signature widow’s-peak hairdo is particularly popular in the Search box) could match the level of lookups for his betrothed, Donna McCall.

Here’s the story: When Mr. Patrick starred on “The Munsters,” he and Ms. McCall would write back and forth to each other. Donna, it turns out, was a big fan and had a massive crush on the youngest Munster.

According to My Fox Philly, years passed and the two fell out of touch. Then, Ms. McCall, now 55, tracked him down on the Internet. The two exchanged phone numbers, talked, and agreed to meet for the first time at “Dracula Con II” in Philadelphia. Next thing you know, they’re engaged.

Ms. McCall is a former cheerleader with the Philadelphia Eagles, a fact that helped contribute to the booming searches on “donna mccall eagles” and “donna mccall cheerleader.” In an article for Philly.com, Mr. Patrick joked that while he does hear from female fans fairly often, not many are cheerleaders.

Says the future Mrs. Munster: “My first crush was Butch Patrick. I met him for the first time, but I feel like I’ve known him forever.”

McCall accepted Patrick’s proposal (of course), and now the two are set to tie the knot. “It’s a great love story,” says Ms. McCall, a retired pharmacist. “We’re very happy together.” Congratulations, guys!

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