Retailers Are Selling Used Underwear

This morning NBC’s Today Show shared a hidden camera investigation of numerous big name retailers like Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s Bloomingdale’s, The Gap, etc. selling “used” underwear.  The thought of wearing underwear that someone else had on is detestable.

However, I worked as a manger for both the Gap and Victoria’s Secret for several years.  Returns were at the managers discretion unless the merchandise was in some way defective.  We would scrutinize returns to ensure that if they were accepted that any worn merchandise did not make it back onto the sales floor.  Needless to say, I was more than alarmed when I saw what these retailers were allowing.  Could it be that the slump in the economy has caused retailers to no longer be concerned with consumer protection laws?  To be on the safe side, following the following tips when purchasing your undergarments:

  • Have a bra fitting.  Believe it or not, 80% of women wear the wrong bra size.  Allow the salesperson in the store to fit you in order to increase the chances that you purchase the correct bra size.
  • Try on a few different styles.  All bras are not constructed the same.  Try on a few different styles to see what you are comfortable with.  You may only like a full coverage bra or maybe a demi or push-up style would suit you best.  You will not know until you try.
  • Be practical.  Are you seriously going to wear a nylon or mesh thong every day?  Make practical choices, like cotton, for everyday underwear and save the others for “special” occasions.  Cotton underwear promotes genital health since it allows the vagina to breathe.
  • Gently launder all undergarments prior to first use.  I use to hate to do this but after working in retail I make it a priority.  Someone trying on a garment is enough to spread infection so, do you due diligence and control the things you can control–wash it.

Following these tips can ensure we make more informed purchases and protect our health in the process.

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