Jewelry Featuring Sapphires and Combinations of Gemstones: Learn More About This Online

When it comes to blue gemstones, the sapphire is one of the most precious. People born in September wear jewelry with sapphires as their birthstone. Others choose jewelry with this lovely blue gem simply because they love the way it looks. Sapphires also can be part of a combination of colors in earrings, bracelets and other fashion accessories. Anyone who wants to learn more about this may browse through images online.


The name for this gem comes from both Greek and Latin, with the similar terms for the word blue. In Greek, this is sapheiros, and in Latin, saphirus. The most expensive sapphires are categorized as fine blue, even though the gems actually are available in many different hues, and not just shades of blue. Other colors of this stone are referred to as fancy sapphires. Geologically, sapphire is known as corundum. It cannot be red, because the red corundum is the ruby.


Because sapphire traditionally is considered to symbolize love, commitment and devotion, its use in engagement rings is particularly appropriate. Although diamonds are the traditional gemstones for engagement rings, some individuals like to have additional colors in those rings. Sapphire is one of the more popular choices to be set alongside one or more diamonds in the jewelry symbolizing betrothal. Because it is so hard, this combination of gems is quite suitable for wearing all the time without the risk of damage.

Famous Engagement Rings

In fact, sapphire as the main gemstone in an engagement ring is occasionally seen, typically with diamonds on either side or all the way around. One of the more famous examples is the ring worn by Princess Diana that she received from Prince Charles upon their engagement. Actress Penelope Cruz also received a sapphire engagement ring from her fiance’, actor Javier Bardem.

Alternative Healing

Alternative healing practitioners recommend various gemstones for specific purposes. Sapphire can be worn and held for a range of intentions. It is said to bring peace and serenity, and to lighten one’s mood. People who want to enhance their intuition may choose to wear sapphire jewelry purchased from an online store such as Adina’s Jewels.

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