Fashion Dos and Don’ts For Jewelry

When it comes to fashion, there are many rules and guidelines to follow, and jewelry is no exception. Many women wear jewelry on a daily basis. Because of this, it is important to keep a few guidelines in mind when choosing such pieces. For example, there is a rule that many people follow regarding quantity. They say that women should only wear two of the three pieces at any given time. For example, choose to wear a bracelet and a necklace, but don’t wear a bracelet, necklace, and earrings at the same time. Below are a few guidelines to follow when wearing jewelry.

Long Necklaces Are Best Worn In The Evening

Long Necklaces are best paired with outfits that have a high neckline as well as with evening attire. A longer necklace gives an outfit a more formal look and should be paired with long dresses. These necklaces should either be knotted at the end, have a pendant, or be wrapped around the neck a couple of times. When wearing a long necklace, it is best to wear subtle earrings with it. Bracelets or a cocktail ring would pair nicely with it too.

Statement Pieces Are Best With Subtle Outfits

Statement pieces have been popular for a number of years. They are great because they have the ability to take an ordinary outfit up a few levels. However, wearers must be careful with such pieces. For instance, an outfit that is floral or has other designs is not recommended to be paired with statement pieces. Such pieces are better paired with an all-black (or any other color) outfit. Subtle outfits pair best with statement jewelry. Also, if wearing a cocktail ring, it should be the only ring on that hand or both hands for that matter.

Yes, there are guidelines for wearing jewelry correctly. However, in the end, people will wear whatever they want to. Mixing and matching jewelry is highly encouraged. Try a few things out before committing to a look. Some of the best ideas and looks come from those that play around with different looks that don’t make sense right away.

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