Choosing the Best dresses for Different Body Types

Creating a dream wardrobe is all about stocking a closet with timeless pieces that accentuate an individual’s body type. A dress could be stunning on the rack but not be flattering whatsoever on the woman who purchases it. Understanding what silhouettes are most flattering for a specific body type is critical when choosing a new dress.

Does Size Matter?

Any woman who has ever shopped for clothing understands that just because they fit perfectly into a size 6 in one dress does not mean they will fit into a size 6 in all dresses. Finding clothing that fits properly is more important than the size on the tag. When buying a dress, particularly when purchasing online, be sure to pay close attention to the body measurements listed in the size guide to assure the proper fit is achieved regardless of the individual’s body type.


Individuals with smaller shoulders than hips, where there is a smaller bust and weight is carried in the hips, are considered pear-shaped. Two pieced dresses are flattering and help to accentuate the narrowest part of their frame. Additionally, A-line or baby doll dresses are flattering on a pear-shaped individual.


Those with an apple-shaped body tend to hold weight more in their midsection. Raised waist and wrap dresses can help to minimize the waist, as long as the dress gathers either just below the natural waist. Shirt or straight dresses also do a great job of masking a midsection, but they are not recommended for women with a larger bust.

Hourglass Shape

Women with balanced shoulders and hips and a smaller waist fit into the hourglass category. Look for a dress that will accentuate the tiny waist, such as a wrap dress. Avoid high necklines that would make the upper body look broader.

Rectangle Shape

Those who seem to have evenly distributed body weight and squared off shoulders, waist, and hips are more of a rectangular shape. Look for an A-line dress to help give the illusion of subtle curves.

In Closing

Being aware of an individual’s body type is paramount when dress shopping. Because it will accentuate all the right areas, the best-cut dresses for each body type will become instant wardrobe favorites.

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