Episode 6: TS-19

At the outset of the walker outbreak, Shane visits Rick in the hospital. Army personnel are evacuating hospital staff and executing the infected. Shane tries to lift his comatose partner, but hesitates because of all the tubes and wires attached to Rick. The power goes out and Rick’s monitors die. Fearing the worst, Shane puts […]

Episode 5: Wildfire

Rick stares at a sunrise over Atlanta as he tries to reach Morgan on the walkie-talkie. “Atlanta isn’t what we thought,” he warns. “It belongs to the dead now.” Andrea cradles Amy’s body. Nearby, Daryl swings at dead walkers’ heads with a pickaxe as Glenn and T-Dog throw bodies in a fire. Rick, Lori and […]

Episode 4: Vatos

Andrea and Amy sit in a canoe on the quarry lake, fishing. They reflect on how their father taught them different fishing knots based on Andrea’s need to keep the fish, and Amy’s need to throw them back. Nearby, in a field above the campsite, Jim furiously digs holes in the ground. On the department […]

Episode 3: Tell It To The Frogs

A handcuffed and delirious Merle mumbles to himself on the roof of the department store. When walkers clamor at the stairwell door, he snaps out of his daze and resumes his task: Using his belt to try to reel in a hacksaw lying just out of reach. Driving back to the camp, Morales advises Rick […]

Episode 2: Guts

At the survivors’ camp, Amy hands Lori mushrooms collected from the forest. She asks how to tell if they’re poisonous, to which Lori replies there’s only one way she know of: Ask Shane. Afterwards, Lori herself heads into the forest, where Shane sneaks up on her. “How much time do we have?” Shane asks. “Enough,” […]

Episode 1: Days Gone Bye

On a deserted road, Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes pulls his police cruiser past overturned cars to a gas station. Vehicles filled with dead bodies litter the grounds; a sign hanging nearby declares “No Gas.” As Rick searches, he glimpses a little girl and calls to her. Her lips and right cheek have been torn away, […]