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Ever notice how, as the season goes on, American Idol contestants gradually tame their big hair, lose the ill-fitting jeans and start to develop some flair? Well, that doesn’t just happen. We caught up with two people you don’t hear enough about, Idol stylists, Soyon An and Miles Siggins, to dish on the challenges and triumphs (Adam Lambert!) of creating all-star images for their charges.

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It’s hard to picture it now, but when Carrie Underwood began her Idol career she was all about overalls (you read it right), oversized sweatshirts and what can only be described as “prom hair.”  By the time she won, though, she was well on her way to fashion divadom, thanks in large part to the guidance of Idols’ stylists.

When Soyon An works with a contestant she tries to enhance, not override, their style. Crystal is still Crystal— she’s not going to turn her into Lady Gaga. But she does try to introduce each person to new concepts and give them a quick fashion tutorial about what looks good on their shape and how to wear a piece to make the most of it.

Miles Siggins often finds himself trying to expand the horizons of guys who arrive with a stack of jeans and t-shirts and nothing else. He’s been successfully coaxing Bike Mike into leather jackets lately. He’s also managed to wean Aaron off his cowboy shirts. “I’ve still got to work on the cowboy boots,” he says.

We were very happy to learn that both Miles and Soyon love to mix high and low. Soyon loves Express, Forever 21 and Aldo. If Miles puts one of the guys in a suit, it’s often a $150 H&M or Zara number, which, as he says, “looks like $1000 if you wear it right”.

“Judges are looking for star quality and if a contestant looks like a star when they walk out,” says Miles, “That’s half the battle.”

So… which Idol contestant do you think has the best style? Send us an email or post a comment below.

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