2011 Chinese Horoscope – Rooster

Rooster Outlook for 2011


1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005

Rooster Overview

The ruling animal of 2011, the Metal Rabbit, loves peace, order and harmony. Uh oh. If you’re a typical Rooster, you can be critical, nit-picky and argumentative. So you can see why this might not be your best year. Don’t fret. Your communicative, sensible and generous nature can rise up to handle challenges in the coming year. You’ll have to work extra hard to nurture the qualities that please the Rabbit. Work on being more understanding. Leave criticism for only the big things. Get rid of your judgments and practice tolerance. Think of what you’d like to work on this year and put your heart and soul into becoming your best self.

Rooster Rating

26% (1 favorable, 1 neutral and 10 unfavorable months)

Rooster Career

Try not to let your frustrations about work get the best of you in 2011. You may not get the raise or promotion you’ve been after, but you can bet your hard work will amount to something. You might think that you know what’s best, but leave decisions to the higher-ups for now. Is your perfectionism slowing down your work? Try to let go a little and trust that you’re doing a good job. If details are critical to your work, have someone help you fact check or crunch numbers. You might want to do everything yourself, but a helping hand could increase your productivity.

Rooster Relationships

Don’t be surprised if things get a little ornery at home this year. Your love of debate might wear on peace-loving friends or family members. Are you and your partner bickering more than usual? It could be time to bite your tongue and practice the art of agreement. Don’t have the same opinions about politics? Clashing over what color your living room furniture should be? Keep it to yourself as much as possible. Remember that a relationship is not a contest. There’s no prize for winning an argument or coming out on top.

Rooster Health

Are your feathers looking a little dull? Perhaps your claws need to be trimmed? You might be so busy with other things this year that you neglect your hygiene and health. Try not to let things slide. Get your haircut regularly. Spend some time at the nail salon. Go get your teeth cleaned and your eyes checked. Keep it simple and don’t worry about getting a rock-hard body at the gym or buying the finest ingredients for your weekly dinners. Just eat healthy, get a fair amount of exercise, and plenty of rest. You’re a perfectionist, but just take care of the basics this year.

Rooster Wealth

You may not win the lottery or discover gold in the hills, but you could see some luck come your way this year. Thanks to the influence of Triple Metal days — where the year, month and day element all matches — you might have some opportunities for money-making. If you do happen to increase your cash flow, better put it away for a rainy day. Risks are not advised this year. Make any important financial decisions in your favorable month and lay low during the rest of the year.

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